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Which Gift Cards Suck The Least To Get?

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Vote up the gift cards that you're actually glad to receive.

Let's face it: Most gift cards are a letdown. They're from people who don't know you well enough to get you an actual gift, and by extension, people who don't know what businesses you actually shop at. That's why most gift cards ending up burning a hole in people's wallets - but there are, of course, exceptions.

Which gift cards are you actually excited to unwrap on Christmas or other holidays? Which ones inspire you to go somewhere you can spend it, or at least go online and make some purchases there? Take a look at these businesses, both brick-and-mortar and digital, and vote up the ones you wouldn't mind spending some other people's money at.

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    38 votes

    Hard to turn down money that you can put toward shipping literally anything to your house overnight.

  • Target
    35 votes

    Proves you don't need to be 100% precise with your gift-giving.

  • Visa
    38 votes


    Like giving your loved one a fistful of cash, but without the paper cuts.

  • Walmart
    31 votes

    Give the gift you can spend literally anywhere in America.

  • Best Buy
    24 votes

    The gift card is the best buy of all.

  • Kohl's
    26 votes

    There's nothing like cold, hard, Kohl's cash.