The Best Gifts to Regift

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This is a list of the best gifts to regift. Despite people's best intentions, they don't always get you the best presents. Whether it be for your birthday or for Christmas, you're bound to end up with at least one present that, no matter how much we smile and pretend otherwise, we just plain don't like. Maybe it's a book we never want to read or a CD from a band you hate. Maybe somebody decided that, for a Christmas or birthday present, you'd really like some lottery tickets, or maybe a novelty toy that farts every time somebody walks by it. Whatever the reason, some birthday and Christmas presents just don't cut the mustard.

For bad presents such as these, it's become more and more popular to regift. Regifting, quite simply, is the act of taking a birthday or Christmas present you don't want, wrapping it up again, and giving it to somebody else as a birthday or Christmas present of their very own. At which point, it's their problem. If they like it, great. If not, also great. It doesn't matter, because it is no longer your present.

Here are some of the best presents to regift, as they all qualify under the unofficial rules of regifting: it must be unopened, it must be unused, and it can't have any sentimental value attached to it. if you're going to regift one of your Christmas or birthday presents, it needs to be something cheesy and/or general, the kind of present anybody could buy anybody. That way, when you re-gift it for somebody else, nobody asks questions.

Unless, of course, you accidentally regift a present to the same person that gave it to you in the first place. They might have questions, and you probably won't have any good answers. Make sure this never, ever happens, and your regifting experience should prove a successful one.