All of the Love Interests on Gilmore Girls, Ranked

Lorelai and Rory were the stars of Gilmore Girls, but half the fun of following their lives was watching them navigate the dating scene. They introduced fans to a few of the most memorable boyfriends of small screen history, and made us fall in love. Lorelai was a single mom who never needed a man, but still wanted to find the real thing. Rory was a whip-smart beauty who was just discovering the world of dating.Together, they managed to attract - though not always keep - some of the hottest, cleverest, and most troubled guys in all of Connecticut.

True fans probably already have strong opinions about lovable curmudgeon Luke Danes or hot teacher Max Medina, and you definitely have chosen a side when it comes to Jess vs. Dean. Now is your chance to make you preferences known. Vote up your favorite love interests from Gilmore Girls on this list of all the men that made the ladies (including Sookie and Lane) swoon. If you're looking for more swoon worthy romance, make sure to check out these other shows like Gilmore Girls!