All of the Love Interests on Gilmore Girls, Ranked

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Lorelai and Rory were the stars of Gilmore Girls, but half the fun of following their lives was watching them navigate the dating scene. They introduced fans to a few of the most memorable boyfriends of small screen history, and made us fall in love. Lorelai was a single mom who never needed a man, but still wanted to find the real thing. Rory was a whip-smart beauty who was just discovering the world of dating.Together, they managed to attract - though not always keep - some of the hottest, cleverest, and most troubled guys in all of Connecticut.

True fans probably already have strong opinions about lovable curmudgeon Luke Danes or hot teacher Max Medina, and you definitely have chosen a side when it comes to Jess vs. Dean. Now is your chance to make you preferences known. Vote up your favorite love interests from Gilmore Girls on this list of all the men that made the ladies (including Sookie and Lane) swoon. If you're looking for more swoon worthy romance, make sure to check out these other shows like Gilmore Girls!

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    Luke Danes

    The original lumbersexual, Luke was the grouchy diner owner who pined for Lorelai for years before they finally got together.

    Pros: He made her an ice rink, a chuppah, AND coffee every morning, he gave her money for the Dragonfly Inn, he was the closest thing Rory had to a father figure, he was always there for both of them.

    Cons: He let their relationship fall apart.
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    Dave Rygalski

    He was in a band with Lane and he was her first kiss. AND he read the whole Bible just to impress Mrs. Kim. Seth Cohen, who?

    Pros: He's a musician who loved music as much as Lane, and he was willing to pretend to be in a Christian band so Mrs. Kim would like him.

    Cons: He left Stars Hollow (to go to The O.C.). 
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    Jess Mariano

    The bad boy with a brain swept Rory off her feet.

    Pros: He loved books as much as Rory, he set her straight when she decided to take time off from Yale, and he could be considerate and caring.

    Cons: He had commitment issues, he was irresponsible and disrespectful at times, and he up and left Stars Hollow without saying goodbye.
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    Jackson Belleville

    Sookie's produce-guy-turned-husband may have been the sweetest man on the show.

    Pros: He was a devoted husband, father, and produce man, he was a loyal friend to Lorelai and Rory, he slept with his vegetables to protect his crop.

    Cons: He never got the vasectomy Sookie wanted him to get... so she ended up pregnant.
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    Logan Huntzberger

    Rory's college sweetheart was sometimes a great foil, but other times an entitled jerk. He did propose in the end, but the ever-ambitious Rory rejected him.

    Pros: He's adventurous, charismatic, and witty, and he genuinely cared for Rory and was there for her (most of the time).

    Cons: He drank too much, he was irresponsible and cocky, and he slept with other girls while they were "on a break."
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    Doyle McMaster

    Paris's paramour was just as quirky as she was. Despite their ups and downs, they made it work.

    Pros: He genuinely loved and supported Paris and he was a good friend to Rory.

    Cons: As Paris and Rory's editor, he was less endearing than annoying.
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