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The Best New Girl Power Songs of 2020

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If you're looking for music about strong women, here are the best girl power songs of 2020. This list features the newest girl power songs from some of the most popular female artists right now. Selena Gomez and Halsey, for example, are topping the charts and empowering ladies everywhere with their good new songs about self-love and being an independent woman. Unsurprisingly, Megan Thee Stallion and Normani make this list as well with their lead single off the woman-led soundtrack for the DC move Birds of Prey, one of the most confident female empowerment songs of 2020. For more fun, uplifting music and empowering feminist songs, check out our list of the top girl power songs of 2019

What are the best girl power songs of the year 2020? What recent girl power songs do you have on repeat?

Vote up the best women empowerment songs of 2020, and add any other inspirational songs missing from the list. 

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    And I'm not breakin', I won't take it
    And I won't ever feel this way again
    'Cause you don't need me anymore, woah
    And I won't ever try again
    And all I want in return is revenge
    'Cause I don't need you anymore, woah
    So where do you go?

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      Back up on my bulls**t
      Back up on the scene
      Out here actin' foolish, like I'm seventeen
      I just bought a new whip, don't need gasoline (Yeah)
      I just seen your new b***h, it boost my self-esteem (Oh babe)

      Artist: Jhené Aiko

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        Think of all the wilted women
        Who crane their necks to reach a window
        Ripping all their petals off just 'cause
        'He loves me now, he loves me not'
        I myself was a wilted woman
        Drowsy in a dark room
        Forgot my roots
        Now watch me bloom

        Artist: Hayley Williams

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          The only one left
          They don't make 'em like this, oh
          I'm an innocent bad b***h (Hey)
          So don't even wink, watch out, watch out for me
          I'm stronger than you think
          I'm crazy, but I'm sweet, you'll see (You'll see)

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