The Best Girls Prep Schools in the World

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The absolute best girls prep schools in the world, ranked by the votes of the community. This list has the most popular prep schools for girls, and includes related images and location information as well. Choosing a school for your daughter is one of the most important choices you can make, as you want to be sure she gets the best education available. What are the best girls prep schools in the world?

This list features the absolute best girls prep schools worldwide. The schools are listed based on the number of votes cast for each and include popular girls prep schools such as Miss Porter’s School, Girls’ Preparatory School, Marymount International School, Wardlaw-Hartridge School, Brearley School, Dulwich College, Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy, Winsor School, and Spence School.

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  • Winsor School
    117 votes

    Winsor School

    Boston, MA
  • Miss Porter's School
    86 votes
    Independent school, Private school, Boarding school
    Farmington, CT
  • National Cathedral School
    104 votes

    National Cathedral School

    Washington, DC
  • Chapin School
    60 votes
    Day school, Private school
    New York, NY
  • Brearley School
    65 votes

    Brearley School

    New York, NY
  • St Paul's Girls' School
    43 votes

    St Paul's Girls' School

    London, UK