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The Best Girls' Trip Destinations

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List of the Best Girls Trip Destinations ranked from best to worst. An all-girl vacation can give friends the opportunity to spend some quality time together without the distraction of men. Some women love a soothing beach vacation, while others would prefer to explore a big city. Which is the best girls trip destination? Vote on this list and let us know which girly spot is the greatest.

Las Vegas is a great girls trip destination because it allows ladies the chance to really let loose. Vegas is home to some of the hottest dance clubs and chicest shopping. If you're not into all the hustle and bustle, Vegas is also a great spot to lay out by the pool or enjoy a relaxing massage. “Sex in the City” has made New York City a classic destination for a girls trip. Only in the Big Apple can ladies shop at designer stores, eat at five star restaurants, and take in a Broadway show.

Paris is also a popular city for females to explore together. Home to some of the largest museums in the world, Paris offers women a chance to nourish their minds before nourishing their bodies with goodies like croissants, cheese, and wine.

Which is the best girls trip destination? Vote on this list and share stories from your favorite girly getaways in the comments section.
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    Though a part of the infamous Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda itself is much more appealing and worth trekking through the mysterious triangle for. Excellent hiking trails, pristine beaches, and some of the best scuba diving in the world. 
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    The Bahamas are the perfect getaway for you and your girls to really party. Clubs, bars, casinos, and resorts, the Bahamas have it all. If you need a day off from all of the craziness, check out the Lucayan National Park, where you can explore forests, caves, and hiking trails galore. 
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    Toronto is an urban adventure, with its countless festivals, museums, and historic neighborhoods. Take a trip to downtown Chinatown or to the Distillery Historic District where it's crammed with restaurants, pubs, and art galleries. For the outdoorsy people, there's plenty of hiking and biking, as well as water fun on the north shore of Lake Ontario.
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    National parks and reserves inhabit 1/3 of all of the land in New Zealand, making it one of most pristine countries in the world. Check out the ecotourism, the new foodie culture that's developing, and the outdoor shopping.
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