The Best Global Brands

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A complete list of the strongest global brands. This list is ranked by brand name recognition and how much the strength of these brands contributes to their company's bottom line. It is widely agreed on that Apple, Coca Cola and Google have some of the strongest brands out there today. (If you disagree, vote on your favorite brand below!) Companies with strong brands have a customer base that generally likes and trusts them.

This list takes the work of market researchers like Millward Brown and Interbrand into consideration. It uses a combination of consumer research and financial analysis to determine how much a company’s brand contributes to its core corporate value.

In general, technology brands rank highest on this list, but there are also plenty of car, fashion, entertainment, communications, finance, consumer products and banking brands that also score well. Do brands have to be around for a long time to have strong recognition? Not necessarily. While companies like General Electric have worked a long time to improve their brand, other companies like H&M are relatively new brands.

Companies work very hard to strengthen their brands because of the benefits that come with having a strong global brand. If you are recognized worldwide, you are likely to have a stronger customer base and make more money. Companies with the top rated brands can try out new products and services without backlash from their customers. So, what do you think? What are the best global brand names out there today?
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