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List of the best gluten free alcohol products, as ranked by those with celiac disease and people on gluten-free diets. Living a gluten free life is the burden of those with celiac disease, but that shouldn’t mean that they can’t still indulge in alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, there are some drinks that are filled with gluten and therefore off-limits to those adhering to a gluten-free diet, such as most beers and malt beverages. These days most alcohol products come with gluten-free options. These drinks are made of ingredients like grapes, rice, corn, buckwheat, fermented apples, honey, agave,and other celiac-safe ingredients.

When it comes time to go out to the club on a Saturday nightwith friends, gluten-free people need to know what they can drink and what theyneed to stay away from. Beer lovers may enjoy the alternative of mead, which isdistilled from honey. Many cocktails and shots are made of gluten-free alcohol,such as vodka, scotch, rum, and tequila. Even a nice glass of wine is safe todrink.

What are the best gluten-free alcohol options? This list features all the top drink choices that you can indulge in without cheating on your diet or hurting your health. If you don't see your favorite gluten-free alcohol on the list of gluten free alcohols, make sure to add it so others can vote for, and enjoy, it.

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