The Best Goalies In The World Right Now

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Who is the best goalie in the world right now? The best current soccer goalkeepers in the world are leading the charge as some of the most iconic stars in the history of the game. These talented footballers are leading their respective teams to championships with some of the biggest football clubs in the world, winning numerous awards and are fan favorites across the globe. If you were building the ultimate soccer dream team and had your selection of the elite goalkeepers of today, these guys should be your top picks. Ranking the world's greatest footballers is no easy task, so cast your votes!

Some of the best goalkeepers in the world today include the likes of Jan Oblak, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Hugo Lloris, Alisson, Ederson, and Manuel Neuer. Younger star goalies like Gianluigi Donnarumma, Unai Simon, and Alban Lafont are playing the best football of their careers, peaking in the sport and showing little signs of stopping anytime soon.

Which soccer goalies are impressing you right now? Who do you think are the best current goalkeepers? Vote for your favorites, and help decide who is the best goalkeeper in FIFA right now? When you're done, head over and rank the best soccer players right now too!

Most divisive: Gianluigi Buffon
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