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The Best Goblin Slayer Quotes

Chances are, especially if you're a fantasy anime fan, you've heard of the ever-popular series, Goblin Slayer. A peculiar story about one man who only takes on quests to slay goblins, in a world that has so much more to offer, we follow his journey to exterminate the one monster everyone seems to turn a blind eye towards. Because of their small stature and considerable weakness individually, many adventurers consider fighting these creatures beneath them. But as the Goblin Slayer would tell you, in mass numbers these ugly green creatures can cause monumental damage. 

Some of the best quotes for this series comes from the Goblin Slayer himself. One line comes during a battle with a massive ogre where he claims how insulted he is that Goblin Slayer would ever dream to use such a high magic scroll against mere goblins. In reply, he blankly says, "Goblins... Are far more troublesome than you." Did we mention this is right before the final blow? There are also very vague, creepy lines from the ethereal Sword Maiden when she warns the Priestess about Goblin Slayer, "But someday... I'm sure he will disappear." 

We have plenty of amazing quotes from this unique anime, so don't be afraid to vote up your absolute favorite lines! 

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    Ask Someone Else. I Have No Interest In Anything But Goblins.

    Goblin Slayer: What's your business with me? 

    High Elf Archer: I'm sure you've heard about the growing number of demons in the capital... 

    Goblin Slayer: Nope.

    High Elf Archer: The reason for it is that the demon king has been resurrected. He's gathering forces so he can take over the world. 

    Goblin Slayer: I see.

    High Elf Archer: And that's why we want your-

    Goblin Slayer: Ask someone else. I have no interest in anything but goblins. 

    High Elf Archer: Don't you understand what I'm saying?! Hordes of demons are going to attack! Do you realize that the world is at stake here?! 

    Goblin Slayer: Yes. But before the demons destroy the world, the goblins will destroy the villages. The world being in danger isn't an excuse to let the goblins live. 

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    By Some Miracle, Ever Since That Night, The Goblins Have Stopped Plaguing My Dreams, And I've Been Living Peacefully.

    "By some miracle, ever since that night, the goblins have stopped plaguing my dreams, and I've been living peacefully. This is all thanks to you and your comrades. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Demon Lord has been defeated by the Hero, which should lead the world toward peace. But many of the Demon Lord's army still remain, so we mustn't let down our guard yet. I believe that the adventurers will have to continue their fight, but I am always praying for your safety."

    - Sword Maiden

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    What Do You Plan To Do With Me?

    Sword Maiden: Ironic, don't you think? To think that the messenger of the Supreme God should protect the city and the city alone. 

    Goblin Slayer: You should've known. Killing women, ripping out entrails on the spot, then leaving the corpse there... Those aren't things goblins do. 

    Sword Maiden: Indeed. They bring their prey back to their nest to toy with them. They won't kill them quickly. They were plotting something using that mirror. They are minions of the Demon Lord. The mastermind... No longer exists in this world. They were disposed of in a completely different place... By the Hero. But... But if the goblins were to attack, I would just break down in tears. I had heard about them moving under the city. I also knew that the sect was plotting their revenge against me. I would have been able to endure that. But... Who could I have asked? The hero known as the Sword Maiden, asking for protection from mere goblins? No one would believe me... What do you plan to do with me? 

    Goblin Slayer: Nothing.

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    Yes, If Your Home Was Suddenly Attacked By Monsters One Day.

    "Think about how it would feel if your home was suddenly attacked by monsters... Yes, if your home was suddenly attacked by monsters one day. They act as though they own the place and kill your friends, kill your family, and plunder the rest of the village. Another example would be if your older sister was attacked, tormented, made a plaything, then killed... Let's say that you witnessed all of this, from start to finish, in hiding as you held your breath... There's no way you'd forgive them." 

    - Goblin Slayer

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    I Thought If I Took A Step, The Ground Would Open Up Beneath Me, And I Would Die.

    Goblin Slayer: When I was young... 

    Priestess: What? 

    Goblin Slayer: I thought if I took a step, the ground would open up beneath me, and I would die. 

    Priestess: Huh? 

    Goblin Slayer: There was a time when I hesitated to even walk because of that. It's not impossible, but no one worries about that. That was really strange to me. She and my sister laughed at me for it, but it took time for me to realize that I still have to walk, no matter how scared I am. 

    Priestess: Is that how it is? 

    Goblin Slayer: It is. Even now, I'm scared to death. I'm thankful that you're helping me, but you're not required to help. 

    Priestess: I told you I was going to do what I wanted to do. 

    Goblin Slayer: Did you? 

    Priestess: I did. You really are hopeless, you know that? 

    Goblin Slayer: Sorry. 

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    Are You Going To Kill Them?

    Priestess: Children? 

    Goblin Slayer: They multiply fast. If we had waited any longer, there'd be about fifty of them, and they would've attacked. You were lucky. 

    Priestess: Are you going to kill them? 

    Goblin Slayer: Of course I am. They hold on to grudges for life. And the survivors of the nest learn from their mistakes and adapt. There isn't a single reason to let them live. 

    Priestess: Even if there was a good goblin? 

    Goblin Slayer: A good goblin? I guess there might be one if you looked really hard. But in the end, the only good goblins are the ones who never come out of their holes.

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