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Best moments of the Golden Globe Awards 2014 includes some of the funniest Golden Globe moments as well as some of the most shocking moments from the Golden Globes. From Jacqueline Bisset dropping the show's first dirty word of the night (at just 17 minutes into the broadcast) to speculation on what drugs Jacqueline Bisset had mixed with her alcohol to people wondering who the heck Jacqueline Bisset actually is (seriously, she got the show off to a WEIRD start).

Besides crazy ladies and their meandering speeches, there was also a riveting and cutting opening monologue by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, plenty of talks about, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss defecting from the "TV slums" to the movie side of the room, and of course, Poehler's turn as Tina Fey's love child, Randy Fey, which was worthy of a place on the list of best drag kings of all time.

What were the greatest moments of the 2014 Golden Globes? Who won Golden Globes in 2014? All the best moments from the Hollywood Foreign Press's big night are here on the list of best things that happened at the Golden Globes 2014.
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George Clooney's Most Personal Role

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Diet Jokes

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