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Let’s face it: The Golden Globe Awards are different from their buttoned-up, snooty big brother, the Oscars. Why? Two reasons, mostly. First: Free-flowing booze. And second: Free-flowing booze! Celebrities sit at large tables together, sucking back vodkas and whiskeys, so it's no wonder the party atmosphere is contagious. That’s not to say that the Golden Globe Awards are not important. In fact, they often predict who will be the big winners at the Oscars Oscar. But while many award show speeches can get repetitive and dull, at this show, they're often the highlight of the evening. Here are the best Golden Globe speeches ever.

A great speech can make us laugh, cry, laugh and cry, or perhaps even change the way we think about the world. You know tough guy Ving Rhimes? The one who played a ruthless gangster in Pulp Fiction? Within about five seconds of starting his speech, every person with a beating heart needed a Kleenex and a hug.

Don’t expect dramatic actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett to bring the house down with laughter, their acceptance speeches had the audience wailing. Hugh Laurie, Jim Carrey, Mary-Louise Parker, and Bette Midler went the comedic route and tickled many a funny bone.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Golden Globe speech list without bringing up at least one cringe-worthy moment. Jacqueline Bisset’s 2014 trainwreck acceptance speech is legendary. Check it out for yourself – it’s impossible to look away, even though you really, really want to.

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Sometimes perfectly timed sarcasm is the best part about accepting an award. When Robert Downey Jr. won the Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical for Sherlock Holmes in 2010, the actor went with the comedic route. First, he threatened any violinist who tried to interrupt his speech with the hurry-up music. Then, he thanked his wife for telling him that Matt Damon was going to win so, "don't bother to prepare a speech."


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Did you know that renowned actress Emma Thompson was also an award winning writer? She won the 1995 Globe for Best Screenplay - Motion Picture for her adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense of Sensibility. Thompson gave her entire brilliant speech as if she were Jane Austen accepting the award.

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Who doesn't like a good comeback story? Michael Keaton won the 2015 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Film, Musical or Comedy, for his role as a has-been trying to make a career resurgence via Broadway in Birdman. We could clearly see the emotion and gratitude on Keaton's face as he thanked director Alejandro González Iñárritu and talked about his son Sean being his closest friend. He totally won us over when through tears, he joked, "Sorry. Shoot. Two things I said I wasn’t going to—cry and give air quotes. Damn.”

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Many of the actors on this list just "pretend" to be surprised when they hear their names called. Not Chris Colfer, who took home the Globe in 2011 for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. When the Glee star's name was called, he looked as if he'd just seen a ghost. He even admitted at the start of his speech, "I think I just dropped my heart between Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman."

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