The Best Good Humor Ice Cream Flavors

Who doesn’t love ice cream? One of the most recognized ice cream companies in the United States is Good Humor. The best good humor ice cream flavors are the ones we crave in the middle of the night when we know it’s the worst time to eat them! With top-selling ice cream flavors such as “Reeses”, “Choco-dipped Cone”, classic “Cookies and Cream” and “Mounds” ice cream bars, who can resist such a tasty treat? The Good Humor brand began in the 1920s: an ice cream truck would deliver delicious chocolate-coated ice cream bars on a stick to hundreds of ice cream enthusiasts. Good Humor had become widespread by the 1930s from its Youngstown, Ohio base, with over 2,000 ice cream trucks making deliveries state-wide. What started with simple roots eventually began to branch out into the company we know and love today that delivers ice cream novelties to local grocery stores.The founder of the Good Humor ice cream brand, Harry Burt was credited with patents for the equipment and processes it took to manufacture frozen novelties on a stick. Now the Good Humor brand we all know and love has been thriving for years, going straight from the supermarket into our shopping carts. What are the best-selling Good Humor ice cream flavors? All of them!
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