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The Biggest Goofballs In TV History

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Get ready to laugh as we rank the best goofballs in TV history. Some of the funniest characters to ever grace the small screen have also been the biggest goofball characters. While their antics are often well-intentioned and in good fun, these goofballs on TV shows can range from the simple-minded to the overly strange - and sometimes downright annoying.

They usually serve as the comic relief and can be the main character or shine in a supporting role. Despite their faults, audiences have a special place in their hearts for these guys and girls. From Cosmo Kramer to Lucy, this list of TV goofballs is likely to feature some of your favorite characters. Whether you think Micheal Scott is the world’s biggest goof or if you believe that honor should go to Joey Tribbiani, make your voice heard below.

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  • Andy Dwyer
    Photo: Parks and Recreation / NBC

    Memorable quote: "Anything is a toy if you play with it."

    • Series: Parks and Recreation
    • Actor: Chris Pratt
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  • Joey Tribbiani
    Photo: Friends / NBC

    Memorable quote: "How you doin'?

    • Series: Friends
    • Actor: Matt LeBlanc
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  • Michael Scott
    Photo: The Office / NBC

    Memorable quote: "I'm an early bird and a night owl. So I'm wise and I have worms."

    • Series: The Office
    • Actor: Steve Carell
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  • Detective Jake Peralta
    Photo: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / NBC

    Memorable quote: "'Uh-oh, hope it doesn't get too sexual.' Title of your sex tape. But seriously, what is taking so long? Also the title of your sex tape."

    • Series: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • Actor: Andy Samberg
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