Internet Awesome Google Easter Eggs You Probably Don't Know About  

Mick Jacobs

Today, Google stands as so much more than just a simple search engine, and its interface reflects that through Google's creative and innovative Easter Eggs. The video below features a few of the very best Google Easter Eggs, each of which is entirely unique from the other.

As Google grew into the titan it is today, it began to become more interactive as a way to be more entertaining and accessible to the millions of users it sees each day. Anyone who uses Chrome as their homepage knows firsthand how detailed and unique each themed logo looks.

Some Google Easter Eggs simply take you through a bit of history, from world history to pop culture. A few of the more interactive designs present you with a game or a puzzle; Ask Jeeves, simply put, would never.

As Google continues to grow in size and strength, users will undoubtedly see even better and more immersive Easter Eggs before they go searching the Web. Check out the best Google Easter Eggs in the video below.