The Best Classic Goosebumps Books

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Vote on the best books from the Goosebumps Original series (1992-1997)

List of the best Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine, from the Goosebumps Original series. These fiction books are classics that many kids remember as the books from childhood and their teenage years. The coolest Goosebumps books are a big dose of 90s nostalgia rolled into 100 neat pages. These books were a big part of 1990s culture. There were scary clowns, creepy amusement parks and frightening mummies and vampires. Popular goosebumps books were the coolest things you could bring to reading hour in elementary school and you could trade them with your friends after you read them. 

Night of the Living Dummy, The Blob That Ate Everyone and The Girl Who Cried Monster were some of the most popular books in the 90s. But there were so many to choose from that there are likely many different favorite Goosebumps classics. What are the best Goosebumps books? Vote for your favorites. 
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