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The Best Gordon Ramsay Shows, Ranked

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Love or hate him, Gordon Ramsay is one of the best chefs in the game and he has the list of great shows to prove it. Whether he's yelling at little kids or telling someone how much their dish disgusts him, the famous TV chef is quite the outspoken person—but that doesn't make him any less of a cook. Of course, it's not all mean jokes and yelling when it comes to Gordon Ramsey's numerous TV shows. Despite all his antics, he's an extremely talented chef and individual—he's just passionate about his work. 

From competitions like MasterChef to those save-the-establishment type series, such as Hotel Hell, there's a long list of Gordon Ramsay shows to choose from—and they're some of the best cooking shows on TV. But what is it about his food shows that make them so appealing and fun to watch? Perhaps it's his aforementioned antics and attitude he takes on so often. Or maybe it's just because he's that good at what he does. Maybe it's both. Regardless, the top Gordon Ramsay series are nothing short of entertaining, and you can even learn a thing or two in the kitchen. 

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