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What are the best gospel rap songs? This list includes great gospel rap songs such as "Don't Waste your Life," "Crazy Love,” and “I'm Me.” Gospel music has been around a long time and has taken a new form in gospel rap music. It has a large following of religious people who love to sing the praises of God while still listening to a great beat. Dealing with life's ups and downs can be a difficult thing, and music can make it better. Often these songs can be uplifting, they can help us understand, and sometimes they can just be comforting.

Often a Christian hip hop song can speak to us more than anything else. Songs have the ability to give us an emotional connection, particularly gospel songs. The southern and country roots of gospel music began from a long history of turning to God when dealing with life's hardships. The best gospel rap songs are often the most moving of these songs because they are spiritual and create the strongest connection for us as listeners.   

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paasadani added Tell the World LeCrae, Mali Music

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Don't Waste Your Life LeCrae, Cameron Dukes - Simply on of the biggest chirstian hip hop songs ever.

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Joyful Noise A great praising song with some Lil' Wayne influence.

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paasadani added Start Over FLAME, NF

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Over the Edge A song about how god's love keeps you from going "over the edge" by  MC Jin. 

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Dear Mr. Christian A song about the perils of part-time religiousity.

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Bitter A song by  Andy Mineo about asking god to take all the bad things away in life.

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All In A song by Flame and KB about being "all in" for Jesus.

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Gimme Dat A song about letting go and knowing that god is the one who can give you al the things you need.

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Dear Hip Hop A song about how most things in life fade, except god.

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Ultralight Beam is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list The Best Gospel Rap Songs Ever
shawn-tiger added Ultralight Beam

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paasadani added Ooh Aah GRITS, tobyMac

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paasadani added God Is Enough Marcus Tyrone Gray, LeCrae, Jaime Williams

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Jesus Muzik An inspirational song that can be a great christian hip hop starter song.

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Hope Another song about hope, because you can never have too much. By  Lecrae and Novel.

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paasadani added Jesus Freak dc Talk

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paasadani added Go Off Tedashii, KB, Andy Mineo

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Crazy Love An honest song about finding the love of god.

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Awesome God Gritty and revolutionary song by  R-Swift.

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I'm Me Great lyrical song from D-Maub.

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Jesus Piece Gidonz Army (featuring T-Haddy) plays with words on this peaceful tune.

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The Gospel Sevin and IC Jones pass on the good word with this tune.

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More Than Music A song that embodies so much of gospel musics most cherished themes.

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5 Seconds Great party song.

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Kobe Bryant On 'em A fun christian hip hop song that makes things relatable by using Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant. 

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Invasion A song about remebering that Jesus is your everyday hero.

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I Can Bear A song that reminds you you can get through life's struggles because Jesus is there.

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I Don't Mind By: James Tucker ... is listed (or ranked) 29 on the list The Best Gospel Rap Songs Ever
Alton R Mitchell III added I Don't Mind By: James Tucker Iii

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Hope A song about something as powerful as hope.

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AlexandarGogic added 2pac - Ghetto Gospel

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paasadani added Jesus Is Just Alright dc Talk

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Radio On Drugs  A passionate song that exaults god.

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Pump Up the Bass A song about being real and truthful.

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Bible in Da Air Another great but classic party starter that was brought to light by a recently rerelease.

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I Just Wanna Go Home A great song from a heart that carries a lot of passion.

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Air Jordan A fun christian hip hop song that makes things relatable through the use of a sports figure.

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On Display A song about how Jesus was "on display" on the cross for his people.

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Trumpet Sound A song that can ignite a praise party.

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Ultralight Beam is listed (or ranked) 40 on the list The Best Gospel Rap Songs Ever
shawn-tiger added Ultralight Beam

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So Professional A great old school tune.

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paasadani added Yesu Pirandhare Jeswin Samuel, Samuel Sylvester

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Don't Pack O Matic A song with such a great beat and an even voice rapping over it.

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We Can Be More A really honest song that views relationship from a biblical perspective.

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Philistine Hip Hop gospel with a great Caribbean flair.

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Tuck My Chain is listed (or ranked) 46 on the list The Best Gospel Rap Songs Ever
Tuck My Chain A song about not hiding your cross and wearing your love for jesus proudly.

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Steez A great swag tune that you can turn up and listen to on repeat.

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Follow the Leader Another great song with a hip hop flow.

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Price Tag A song about the price you must pay to follow god.

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Passion Art A song about just doing hip hop gospel for the love of the art form.