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In 2015, the popularity of contemporary Christian-based music is at an all-time high, and the hip-hop genre is no exception. Christian rap is as almost old as hip hop itself. The genre has been around since the early '80s, when it existed almost exclusively in underground clubs. Even without promotion of any kind, or any mainstream radio airplay, Christian hip-hop - showcasing rappers who can sing - quickly gained traction, and has shown no signs of being a passing trend. 

Christian rap has almost exclusively come out of Protestant traditions in the US, but there are subgenres including Catholic rap which has recently gained a little steam. The movement has also grown in other countries - there are now Christian hip-hop scenes in the UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and many other countries where Christians live and hip-hop is popular. 

From tobyMac to Lacrae, and Bobby Bishop to Trip Lee, we've included the cream of the Christian hip-hop crop on on our list. Who do you think is the best gospel rapper out there? Vote up your favorite Christian rapper below. 

Most divisive: DaBaby
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  • LeCrae
    742 votes

    An artist who has truly paved the way for gospel rappers everywhere, LeCrae showcases his impressive lyrical prowess and unwavering faith through his music. With songs such as "All I Need Is You" and "Background," he masterfully incorporates real-life struggles and faith-based messages into his work. Chart-topping albums like Anomaly and Gravity further demonstrate LeCrae's ability to connect with fans across various genres, solidifying his rightful place in the realm of gospel rap.

  • NF
    562 votes

    Raw emotion and vulnerability are the hallmarks of NF's music, drawing fans in with powerful lyrics that resonate deeply. His breakout album, Therapy Session, delves into his personal battles with mental health and loss, providing listeners with a sense of connection and understanding. NF's unique style, combined with his exceptional storytelling abilities, has earned him a dedicated following and a place among the most influential gospel rappers of our time.

  • KB
    386 votes

    An artist known for his captivating stage presence and gritty, impactful lyrics, KB brings it home with his passionate delivery and relentless pursuit of God. Songs like "No Chains" and "Church Clap" showcase his lyrical prowess, while his commitment to tackling various societal issues sets him apart from many in the genre. KB's fearlessness in expressing his faith through relatable, hard-hitting lyrics has earned him a well-deserved spot among the best gospel rappers.

  • Trip Lee
    265 votes

    Blending theology with powerful life experiences, Trip Lee crafts thought-provoking songs that challenge listeners to examine their beliefs and actions. With albums like Between Two Worlds and The Good Life, his undeniable talent for storytelling shines through, addressing complex issues and emotions with honesty and grace. It's this combination of poetic lyricism and genuine heart that positions Trip Lee among the standout gospel rappers in the industry.

  • Andy Mineo

    Andy Mineo

    335 votes

    An artist unafraid to showcase his faith through a variety of styles and genres, Andy Mineo has become a powerful force in the world of gospel rap. His skillful lyricism is best showcased in songs like "You Can't Stop Me" and "Family Photo," while his innovative approach to music ensures that he continues to push artistic boundaries. From his early days with the 116 Clique to his solo ventures, Andy Mineo consistently delivers impactful messages through his unique brand of gospel rap.

  • Flame
    195 votes

    One of the trailblazers in the gospel rap scene, Flame combines raw truth-telling and soulful melodies to craft songs that resonate with fans across the globe. His early work, which includes albums like Rewind and Our World Fallen, set the stage for an illustrious career marked by honesty, faith, and a genuine love for the art of rapping. As a pioneer in the genre, Flame's influence on gospel rap cannot be overstated.