The Best Gospel Songs For Weddings

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Gospel music can be some of the most joyous music around, and what better way to celebrate a wedding than by filling the room with gospel music. The music can be uplifting, joyful, and full of energy and exuberance. There's no better way to celebrate love between two people than with beautiful music to match. This list is all about the best gospel songs to use in a wedding.

What are the best gospel songs for a wedding? That's up to you to decide. Vote up all of your favorite gospel songs that you think would be perfect for a wedding, and downvote the ones you think don't fit the occasion as well. Don't see your favorite song on the list? Feel free to add it. To keep filling out your wedding playlist check out the best Christian wedding songs as well!


Most divisive: Holding Hands
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  • I Found Love
    1,171 votes
    A great song that shares the spirit of a wedding by BeBe Winans 
  • The One He Kept
    A song about god blessing a couple's love. A perfect match for a wedding day song.
  • Amazing Grace
    106 votes
    Of course this old standard makes the list
  • I Am Grateful
    116 votes
    On your wedding day you are likely to be feeling grateful to you spouse for their love and to god to his support.
  • The Prayer
    641 votes
    A song that prays for god to be a couple's guide through life. A great song to start out to on the journey of marriage
  • Another great son that shows how much you mean to one another.