The Most Memorable Goths In Disney Movies

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Goths and Disney are not as oppositional as you may think. In fact, Disneyland has its own day for goths, and Disney movie goths are plentiful. They're not all villains, either.

Spawned by British bands playing dark, macabre rock music in the '70s and '80s, the goth subculture has evolved both forward and backward, bringing with it a multitude of influences spanning across continents and time. There are hundreds of designations for goth styles, including traditional, romantic, hippie, and casual. 

Disney goth characters possess distinct features, complex motivations, and edgy style choices marked by deep colors and fierce makeup. The characters on this list contend with the darkness in us all; some of them embrace it, while others fight it. Who speaks to your inner gloom and fills with you with a desire to reach for black eyeliner?

Most divisive: Beast From 'Beauty and the Beast'

  • Type Of Goth: Medieval; emphasis on "eval."
    Aesthetic: Pale, horned conjurer with impeccably painted nails.
    Signature Quote: "You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me? ME!? The mistress of all evil!"
    General Outlook On Life: Invite me to the next party... or else.

    Evil fairy Maleficent takes it personally when King Stefan does not summon her presence at the christening of his daughter, Princess Aurora. When she gets word that her rivals - the good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather - received invitations, she decides to place a curse on Aurora that will be fulfilled the day before the young princess turns 16.

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  • Type Of Goth: Romantic.
    Aesthetic: Skeletal trickster in a pinstriped suit.
    Signature Quote: "Just because I cannot see it doesn't mean I can't believe it!"
    General Outlook On Life: Curiosity ended the cat, but I'm already deceased.

    The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington works with other ghoulish and ghostly residents as they prepare to scare humans every Halloween. Fed up with the routine, gentleman Jack sets his sights on a new holiday: Christmas.

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  • Type Of Goth: Subterranean.
    Aesthetic: Weird uncle with a fire hairstyle.
    Signature Quote: “Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi, how ya doin'?”
    General Outlook On Life: It's so boring being king of the Underworld.

    Hades is the cantankerous brother of Zeus, filled with jealousy over his sibling's power and status as the ruler of Mount Olympus. The god of the Underworld hatches plan after plan to take the throne, especially once he learns Hercules, Zeus's newborn son, will inherit it.

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  • Type Of Goth: Lovesick rag doll.
    Aesthetic: Do-it-yourself damsel with a penchant for stitching.
    Signature Quote: "You can make other creations! I'm restless. I can't help it!"
    General Outlook On Life: No matter where you come from or how you're made, you can stand on two feet and fight for what you love.

    One of Dr. Finkelstein's creations, Sally is a resident of Halloween Town desirous of freedom and independence. The caring and resourceful Sally aligns herself with Jack Skellington in his quest to become the new Sandy Claws. She ends up dramatically pining for his love.

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    Violet Parr From 'The Incredibles'

    Type Of Goth: Baby Bat.
    Aesthetic: Reluctant feminist superteen.
    Signature Quote: "We act normal, Mom! I want to 'be' normal!"
    General Outlook On Life: Puberty is a drag; it's even worse when you have to grapple with your own superpowers.

    Fourteen-year-old Violet Parr was born into a family of supers: Her mother, father, and brother all have supernatural abilities they are forced to hide from others to protect themselves. She struggles to be a normal teenager with abnormal powers.

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  • Type Of Goth: Aquatic.
    Aesthetic: Tentacled sea witch with a pompadour.
    Signature Quote: "Life's full of tough choices, innit?"
    General Outlook On Life: Read the fine print.

    Ursula is after one thing: King Triton's trident. She takes advantage of young, curious Ariel's desire to know what the world is like outside the oceans in order to force the king to relinquish his undersea kingdom to her.

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