The Most Memorable Goths In Disney Movies

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Goths and Disney are not as oppositional as you may think. In fact, Disneyland has its own day for goths, and Disney movie goths are plentiful. They're not all villains, either.

Spawned by British bands playing dark, macabre rock music in the '70s and '80s, the goth subculture has evolved both forward and backward, bringing with it a multitude of influences spanning across continents and time. There are hundreds of designations for goth styles, including traditional, romantic, hippie, and casual. 

Disney goth characters possess distinct features, complex motivations, and edgy style choices marked by deep colors and fierce makeup. The characters on this list contend with the darkness in us all; some of them embrace it, while others fight it. Who speaks to your inner gloom and fills with you a desire to reach for black eyeliner?