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The Most Memorable Goths In TV History

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Since goth subculture was founded in the late 1970s, it has been made evident that every TV ensemble benefits from a token goth character or two in their show. They may serve as an antagonist that galvanizes the moral compass of the group into counteracting their dark forces, or they might be a kind, gentle soul shrouded in studs and veils. Many of their outfits and catchphrases have been repeated, built upon, and sublimated into the public consciousness. It's possible that your own person goth phase may have been inspired by some of these lovable (or deplorable) freaks. We may see ourselves in their darkness. Whatever their purpose may be, these goth characters are some of the best known and loved on television. 

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    Type of goth: Highly variable 
    Aesthetic: Forensic scientist vamp
    Signature quote: “I do not have a guest casket, I have a guest room!”
    General outlook on life: “The happiest goth you’ll ever meet.” - Tony DiNozzo 

    Well-loved and respected by her team, Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perette) leans heavily into her gothic attire, going so far as to drive a vintage Ford Model A and show off her giant spider web tattoo. She is so confident in her gothic identity that her upbeat nature and devout Roman Catholicism have no effect on how she is perceived.

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  • Type of goth: Shady, cloaked half-demon 
    Aesthetic: Demonic super heroine 
    Signature quote: “Azarath, metrion, zinthos.”
    General outlook on life: Chaos reigns without emotional regulation

    Raven's face is enveloped in darkness for the overwhelming majority of her time on-screen. Reclusive and moody, Raven is a hard nut to crack, even for her closest friends and fellow Titans. She struggles with her dark past, and she often suffers interpersonal struggles as a result of her traumatic origins.

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  • Type of goth: Vampire 
    Aesthetic: Goth bassist casual 
    Signature quote: “I'm not mean. I'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code.”
    General outlook on life: Tricks and pranks to cope with daddy issues

    Marceline the Vampire Queen loves drinking shades of red, playfully antagonizing the Land of Ooo, and angrily serenading her father and on-and-off girlfriend, Princess Bubblegum. She can turn into a bat on command, and she can become a genuinely dangerous vampire if she does not drink the requisite amount of red hues. 

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    Goth Kids - 'South Park' 

    Type of goth: “Nonconformist”
    Aesthetic: Romantic 
    Signature quote: "A goth believes that deep down, the world is totally f*cked up. But an EMO thinks that deep down, THEY are totally f*cked up." - Michael
    General outlook on life: At least we’re not emo

    The Goth Kids are often seen in proximity to South Park Elementary, but never inside - they are above education. These creepy children represent the stereotype of a goth, claiming to be “nonconformist” but dressing the same as all of their friends. Despite their general hatred for the public, they deeply care about one another.

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