The Best 'South Park' Episodes Featuring The Goth Kids

There's every kind of kid group imaginable at South Park Elementary. You have your jocks, your theater kids, and of course, your Goth kids. Whether they're busy putting posers in their place or are just too cool to care, the best episodes with the Goth kids feature Michael, Pete, Firkle, and Henrietta hair-flipping their way to hilarity. 

First introduced in Season 7, these goths have a knack for downplaying everything, keeping their composure even when the rest of the town is in a state of panic. While they’re the central characters in only a handful of episodes, most of the time they can be seen in the back of the school smoking cigarettes and telling everyone who walks past just how much of a conformist they are. Are you as cool as the Goth kids? Then help us make Edgar Allen Poe proud and voting up all the best Goth kids moments below.

There have been plenty of funny Goth kids episodes, even when they didn't play a prominent role. It's up to you to decide which episodes are worthy of joining the Cult of Cthulhu. 

  • "I walked into the cafeteria today. Rebecca Miller and Philip Russ were dressed like vampires drinking Clamato juice with four kids from the football team." -Michael

    Butters is terrified there are vampires at the school. Afraid of being grounded again, he decides to join their group and become a vampire. Once he transforms, he becomes ungroundable. 

    Meanwhile, the Goth kids are mad that the vampire trend has come to their school because everyone thinks they're vampires when they're clearly goths. The only way to defeat the vampire kids is to burn down the town's Hot Topic. 

    • Original Airing: November 19, 2008
    • Season: South Park - Season 12
    • Episode Number: 14
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    "If you want be one of the nonconformists, all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do." -Michael

    After Wendy breaks up with Stan, his friends take him to Raisins to cheer him up. As Stan struggles to come to terms with being dumped, he decides to become a non-conformist like the Goths. Meanwhile, Butters falls in love with one of the Raisins waitresses. 

    The first episode to feature the Goth kids, "Raisins" showcases the Goths in a major role. After the Raisins girl breaks up with Butters, he tells Stan that he has a beautiful kind of sadness because at least he knew true happiness. This convinces Stan that he shouldn't be a mopey Goth guy and tells them, "I liked liking life a lot more than hating it. Screw you guys. I'm going home."

    • Original Airing: Dec 10 2003
    • Season: South Park - Season 7
    • Episode Number: 14
    • Series: South Park
  • "That's the name my stupid parents gave me! I like to be called by my Goth name: NightPain." -Edgar Allen Poe

    Henrietta's parents are worried about her, so they decide to send her to a camp for emo kids to straighten them out. When she returns, she's completely changed and ends up joining the emo kids. The only way to get her back to normal is for the Goth kids and the Vamp kids to team up to take down the emo kids, and, obviously, the only way to do that is to summon the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe. 

    Once Edgar Allen Poe arrives, they discover he's more Goth than any of the Goth kids. They go to Troubled Acres to stop the spread of emo kids and learn that a ficus plant is being used to transform the kids. He later learns that Goth, Vamp, and Emo kids are really all the same, and Henrietta turns back to normal. 

    • Original Airing: October 23, 2013
    • Season: South Park - Season 17
    • Episode Number: 4
  • Toolshed: Dude, why would the Goth kids worship Cthulhu?
    Mysterion: Makes sense. Unrelenting despair and a thousand years of darkness sounds pretty goth.

    Mysterion and his fellow superheroes must work together to defeat Cthulhu, who has risen from the Gulf of Mexico. However, as Coon has been scorned by his fellow heroes he defects and joins Cthulhu's side so that he can defeat them once and for all. 

    When trying to find out why he can't die, Mysterion (Kenny) goes to a cult meeting where many familiar faces, including the Goth kids, are present. Later, Mysterion confronts them in an alley to try to decipher what the mysterious message means, "That is not dead can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even Death may die."

    • Original Airing: November 03, 2010
    • Season: South Park - Season 14
    • Episode Number: 12