What Are The Best Goth-Inspired Wedding Dresses?

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Here comes the bride, once again all dressed in pure white, blinding wedding guests with her alabaster attire, Cinderella style. Not all nuptials, however, have to follow fashion tradition, and if you're a goth gal with a darker side, you might want a dress to match your mood/personality/heart. The best goth-inspired wedding dresses aren't necessarily black, although that's a prominent shade. Jewel tones, reds, and even white (with some splashes of scarlet) are options, too. 

Tulle and lace are popular among goths, but darker colors, appliques, and beading give these traditional fabrics an edge on goth gowns. The dresses on this list, which could also work for a prom or any formal occasion, in true gothic fashion nearly all have something old, something new, something borrowed (perhaps inspired by a favorite goth or fairy tale character), and something... black. Or at least a really dark blue.  

Photo: JuliaMirenDresses / Etsy