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The Best Characters On 'Gotham'

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We're ranking the best characters on Gotham. The hit superhero show centers on a young Commissioner Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) as he tries to steer the city away from the edge of madness. With an electric roster full of new and old DC characters, Gotham certainly has its fair share of heroes and villains. Which Gotham character is your favorite?

Across five seasons, Gotham has introduced a range of colorful new characters (some of which you may even recognize from the comics). Whether you're privy to a younger Bruce Wayne or prefer the more nuanced approach from villainous characters like The Mad Hatter and The Executioner, make your voice heard below. 

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  • James Gordon
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    Occupation: Gotham City Police Department Police Commissioner (currently), Gotham City Police Department Police Captain (formerly), Gotham City Police Department Homicide Division Police Detective (formerly), Private investigator (formerly), United States Army war veteran (formerly)

    Described by some as the last honest man in a city of crooked people, Gordon must learn to compromise to survive, as his life and loves are woven inextricably with the worst parts of the city.

    Appeared: Seasons 1-5

    • Played By: Ben McKenzie
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  • Carmine Falcone
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    Full name:
    Occupation: Don of the Falcone Crime Family, Businessman

    A busy man, Falcone not only heads a traditional Cosa Nostra family but also oversees the activities of a series of various other criminal organizations in Gotham City including the Triads, the Irish Mob, and Russian Mob, and even other Gotham City gangs such as Fish Mooney's gang.

    Appeared: Seasons 1-4

    • Played By: John Doman
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    Lucius Fox

    Lucius Fox
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    Occupation: Junior executive at Wayne Enterprises (former), Science expert at the Gotham City Police Department

    A tech genius, Fox is a staunch ally to the Wayne family and puts his skills to work combating and solving the problems that plague Gotham.

    Appeared: Seasons 1-5

    • Played By: Chris Chalk
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    Butch Gilzean

    Butch Gilzean
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    Nickname: Cyrus Gold, Solomon Grundy
    Occupation: Mob enforcer

    His work for Fish Mooney pulls Gilzean deep into the worst parts of Gotham, including a trip to the Slaughter Swamp that changes his life and also his identity.

    Appeared: Seasons 1-4

    • Played By: Drew Powell
    • Powers & Abilities: Super-strength
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