The Best Gothic Horror Movies

The best gothic horror movies expertly combine the terror and frights that audiences expect from the horror genre, with a tragic romantic story that inevitably ends in heartbreak and pain. This bizarre parring may seem counterintuitive at first glance, but it has slowly grown to become one of the most influential, powerful, and beautiful subgenres in all of cinema. Gothic horror has always been a staple in popular culture, from Edgar Allen Poe to Mary Shelly to Guillermo Del Toro, these stories have transcended generations and only continue to get more powerful and relevant as time goes by.  

Each film on this list is prepared to equally horrify audiences and break their hearts, all the while showcasing breathtaking sets, an eerie atmosphere, and dreamlike symbolism. From the classics of the '30s like Frankenstein and Dracula, to modern-day gothic tales like Crimson Peak and Let the Right One In, there is undoubtedly a film here for every horror fan.

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