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The Best Grammy-Nominated Comedy Albums of the 1960s

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Mel Brooks. Carl Reiner. Lenny Bruce. Bob Newhart. The nominees and winners of the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in the 1960s are true legends. The best comedy albums of the 1960s take different approaches to making listeners laugh. Some Grammy-nominated comedians are observational comics, while other hilarious acts combine music and stand-up into their releases. Many of the comedians behind these Grammy-nominated 1960s albums also have their own popular stand-up specials.

What laugh-out-loud releases will you find on this 1960s comedy albums list? Throughout the decade, one comedian stood head and shoulders above the rest. Future sitcom star Bill Cosby won six consecutive Grammy Awards for Best Comedy Album from 1965–1970. Flip Wilson was also a popular comedian during the decade.

Before winning an Academy Award for directing The Graduate, Mike Nichols won a Grammy, along with his comedy partner Elaine May, in 1962. Other good albums featured on this list include Mom Always Liked You Best by The Smothers Brothers and Lenny Bruce in Concert.

Which of the 1960s best comedy albums deserves the top spot on this list? Vote your favorite recordings a thumbs up to move them towards the number-one position, and get ready to laugh.