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The Best Grammy-Nominated Comedy Albums of the 2000s

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George Carlin. Chris Rock. Margaret Cho. These are just a few of the incredibly talented – and howlingly funny – nominees for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in the 2000s. The best comedy albums of the 2000s covered topics as far-ranging as politics and observational humor, American history and irreverent song. But all of the 2000s best comedy albums featured a spark of originality, thanks to the performers who recorded them.

Which comedian should top this 2000s comedy albums list? The legendary George Carlin won three Grammy awards for Best Comedy Album during this decade for his releases It's Bad for Ya, Napalm & Silly Putty, and Brain Droppings. Throughout his career, the foul-mouthed comedian took home this trophy a total of five times. Chris Rock also won Grammy Awards in the 2000s for his albums Bigger & Blacker and Never Scared.

The 2000s also introduced the world to a pair of hilarious New Zealanders known as Flight of the Conchords. This musical duo won a Grammy in 2008 and was nominated again the following year. Other fan-favorite Grammy-nominated comedy albums of the 2000s include Shut Up You F*cking Baby! by David Cross and Stan and Judy's Kid by Adam Sandler.

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