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The Best Grape Soda Brands

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This list has the absolute best grape soda brands, ranked by the community. Better than regular Coke or other boring sodas, grape soda is a delicious, fruit flavored treat. What are the absolute best grape soda types available? This list has the most popular brands of grape soda worldwide.

The brands of grape soda on this list have been ranked as the absolute best. Vote up the types of grape soda you always reach for below or add a brand you think makes the best grape soda if it isn't already on the list.

This list features the world’s best grape soda brands including Welch’s, Stewart’s, Crush, Shasta, Jone’s Soda, Fanta, Nehi, Sunkist, A-Treat, Faygo, NuGrape, Sun Crest, Vess, Grapico, White Rock Beverages, and Foxon Park. Vote for the greatest kinds of grape soda below.