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The Best Gray Fullbuster Quotes

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If you had to pick your favorite Gray Fullbuster quote from Fairy Tail, what would it be? He's had so many great moments throughout the series, so it's hard to pinpoint his greatest lines. For that reason, let's rank the best Gray Fullbuster quotes, with the help of your votes.

You can call Gray many things, but a coward definitely isn't one of them. He shows off his courage with lines like: "I won't run, I will stand and look ahead to what I must do. I must face the fear, I won't let it control me anymore. I will use my heart that holds my courage and my bravery to move me forward to what I must do." Another Gray Fullbuster quote that shows off his reckless side is: "I don't care where I get hurt, as long as my injuries are visible."

Vote up your favorite Gray Fullbuster quotes below, regardless of what arc they are from!

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