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The Best 'Great British Bake Off' Winners, Ranked

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All the winners of The Great British Bake Off are lovely, just like the gentle competition of the show itself. GBBO winners showcase their skills with impressive bakes, taking the audience on a journey of deliciousness and discovery while they move to the final round. Even if they're all the Star Bakers of our hearts, who are the best winners of The Great British Bake Off?

The show has inspired increases in baking accessories and books as viewers decide to recreate their favorite bakes. And with three challenges each episode, The Great British Bake Off winners have a lot of great bakes! Taking inspiration from the traditional fête baking competitions of small English villages, the soothing pastoral scenery GBBO contestants work in guides the gentle competitiveness of the show that makes it a favorite in British reality, even in the States.

When producers don't try to create drama, the highest scandal comes from events like the proper refrigeration of ice cream, and although Bingate did create a fervor, it didn't affect Nancy's eventual win.

Of all the past GBBO winners below, who do you favor and who is a soggy bottom? It's your chance to vote up the best winners of The Great British Bake Off.

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    Winner: Series 6 (2015)
    Winning Signature Bake: Cardamom and Almond Buns, Nutmeg and Sour Cherry Fingers

  • 2

    Winner: Series 5 (2014)
    Winning Signature Bake: Apple and Lemon Kites, Raspberry and Almond Croissants

  • 3

    Winner: Series 8 (2017)
    Winning Signature Bake: Spelt Boules, Mushroom Ciabatta, and Orange Plaited Brioche

  • 4

    Winner: Series 11 (2020)
    Winning Signature Bake: Cranachan Custard Slice

  • 5

    Winner: Series 9 (2018)
    Winning Signature Bake: Mango Créme Pâtissière Filled Doughnuts & Spiced Orange Ring Doughnuts

  • 6

    Winner: Series 10 (2019)
    Winning Signature Bake: Chocolate, Armagnac and Prune Cake

  • 7

    Winner: Series 7 (2016)
    Winning Signature Bake: Queen Victoria's Mango and Strawberry Crown

  • 8

    Winner: Series 3 (2012)
    Winning Signature Bake: Italian Sausage and Roasted Vegetable Pithivier

  • 9

    Winner: Series 4 (2013)
    Winning Signature Bake: Rainbow Picnic Pie

  • 10

    Winner: Series 2 (2011)
    Winning Signature Bake: Raspberry and Blueberry Mille Feuille

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    Winner: Series 1 (2010)
    Winning Signature Bake: Cinnamon and Banana Cake