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The Best Storylines That Feature Green Arrow

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The Green Arrow has long been a fan favorite character of DC Comics, and thanks to the success of The CW's series Arrow and its many spinoffs, the character is more popular these days than ever before. Fans tune in every week to see what Oliver Queen and company are up to, but like so many characters on television, he didn't get his start there. The Green Arrow has been a member of DC Comics for a long time with many adventures spanning numerous comic books, single issues, graphic novels, trade paperbacks and story arcs having been published since he was first introduced in 1941.

Over the years, Oliver Queen and his entourage of characters have appeared in thousands of comics, but which ones are the best, and what should you read if you are looking to break into the character? Those questions might be difficult to answer were it not for this very list! The 20 greatest Green Arrow storylines have been compiled here for your reference, so if you're new to the character or a longtime fan, this is the place to go to find out exactly what you should read! If you see your favorite of Green Arrow's many stories and storylines below, don't forget to give it a vote up to see which Green Arrow storyline rises to the top of the list!