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The Best Storylines That Feature Green Arrow

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The Green Arrow has long been a fan favorite character of DC Comics, and thanks to the success of The CW's series Arrow and its many spinoffs, the character is more popular these days than ever before. Fans tune in every week to see what Oliver Queen and company are up to, but like so many characters on television, he didn't get his start there. The Green Arrow has been a member of DC Comics for a long time with many adventures spanning numerous comic books, single issues, graphic novels, trade paperbacks and story arcs having been published since he was first introduced in 1941.

Over the years, Oliver Queen and his entourage of characters have appeared in thousands of comics, but which ones are the best, and what should you read if you are looking to break into the character? Those questions might be difficult to answer were it not for this very list! The 20 greatest Green Arrow storylines have been compiled here for your reference, so if you're new to the character or a longtime fan, this is the place to go to find out exactly what you should read! If you see your favorite of Green Arrow's many stories and storylines below, don't forget to give it a vote up to see which Green Arrow storyline rises to the top of the list!

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  • Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
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    Story Found In: Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1-3

    In this 1987 three-issue miniseries, Oliver Queen moves to Seattle where he puts aside his trick arrows for more traditional pointy ones. We see him move from a stance as a superhero and lean more towards a life as a vigilante who tracks down a serial killer that takes him into the violent underworld of Seattle.

    This series was considered one of the character's all-time best, and it has been critically acclaimed since it was published. The success of Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters helped DC to publish the character's first-ever ongoing series, which would continue on its own for a full decade making this miniseries one of the most important in his library.

    • Created By: Mike Grell
    • Publisher: DC Comics
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  • Hard Traveling Heroes
    Photo: DC Comics

    Story Found In: Green Lantern/Green Arrow #83-87, 89, and The Flash #217-219, and #226

    One of the greatest team-ups in comic book history has got to be Green Lantern and Green Arrow. More than 40 years ago, writer Dennis O'Neil teamed up with Neal Adams to bring the two heroes together into a wildly successful companion series, which would go on to affect both characters' histories from that point forward.

    In this collection, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern is forced to come back down to Earth from the stars so he can find out what it's like to be a superhero with standing in society. Green Arrow must teach his pal how to tackle the intricacies of America as they travel the country dealing with issues including drug abuse, poverty, corruption, racism, and much more.

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  • Green Arrow: Year One
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    Story Found In: Green Arrow: Year One #1-6

    Star City has known the protection of Oliver Queen's Green Arrow for years, but how did this amazing archer who has been a member of the Justice Society of America come to be? In this amazing retelling of the Green Arrow's origin story, Andy Diggle and Jock combine their might to present the Emerald Archer in an entirely new fashion.

    Like other "Year One" books in DC's library, Green Arrow: Year One manages to retell the origin of the character in a more modern setting, but remains true to the story that inspired it. Without deviating too much from what was already known, this storyline helps to bring in an entirely new generation of readers and is a must-read for anyone looking to get a great refresher on the origin of the Green Arrow.

    • Publisher: DC Comics
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  • Hunter's Moon
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    Story Found In: Green Arrow #1-6

    "Hunter's Moon" was originally presented in the pages of Green Arrow #1-6 back in 1988, and the story has gone on to become a classic tale of the Emerald Archer. In the story, he goes on the hunt of a child killer, tackles a rash of violence against a gay community, and races to locate a biological weapon before spies from China beat him to it.

    What made "Hunter's Moon" such an intriguing story was that Green Arrow didn't go up against a supervillain, but regular criminals who could still do a lot of damage. He got down into the deep and darkest parts of the underworld and uncovered deadly and sinister plots, but managed to handle them like the hero he is.

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  • The Senator's Been Shot!
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    Story Found In: The Brave and the Bold #85

    There are a number of interesting aspects to this single issue of The Brave and the Bold that make it a great Green Arrow story, but the one that stands out the most has to be the costume change. This was the issue that debuted Oliver Queen's newest look, which would remain with him throughout his famous Hard Traveling Heroes phase.

    In the story, Batman teams up with Green Arrow in a mystery caper that follows the shooting of a Gotham City Senator. It's up to the Emerald Archer and the Dark Knight to uncover the shooter's identity and bring them to justice in this amazing story written by Bob Haney with pencils by Neal Adams.

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  • Quiver
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    Story Found In: Green Arrow #1-10

    Every once in a while, a superhero dies in the world of DC Comics. Actually, it happens quite a lot, but when it came time for Oliver Queen to pass away, he did so and was laid to rest. Now, he's back from the dead in this award-winning story written by comic book fandom's greatest moviemaker, Kevin Smith himself!

    Oliver Queen returns to the land of the living in a world that has become much different from the one he knew before. He must contend with numerous changes as he comes to grips with his new life and new surroundings amidst the likes of Aquaman, Batman, and Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.

    • Created By: Kevin Smith
    • Publisher: DC Comics
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