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The Best Green Bay Packers Coaches of All Time

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Throughout their time as a football franchise, the Green Bay Packers have had a variety of coaches, but who is the best Green Bay Packers head coach of all time? We want you to help us answer that question by voting for your favorite Green Bay Packers coaches, keeping stats like Super Bowl wins and playoff runs in mind.

How do you talk about the greatest Packers head coaches without mentioning the legendary Curly Lambeau? He coached the team to 6 NFL Championships from 1929-1944, and eventually had the Packers stadium named after him. Lambeau was the Packers first coach, and was eventually inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Another Green Bay legend is Vince Lombardi, who won multiple championships with the team in the 60s. Modern era coaches to win a Super Bowl with Green bay are Mike Holmgren (1996) and Mike McCarthy (2010).

If the Green Bay Packers had a best of all time team, who would coach it? Would you put Lambeau over Lombardi? Vote for your favorites below, even if the coach never won a championship with the Green Bay Packers.

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