The Best Green Bay Packers Cornerbacks Of All Time

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Big fan of Green Bay football? Then check out this list of Green Bay Packers cornerbacks with photos and seasons as starters. It includes every starting cornerback from throughout Green Bay Packers history, including current cornerbacks and past ones. An important part of the Green Bay defensive backfield, the CB position requires fast players to cover receivers, defend against pass offenses, and make tackles. Featuring 2018-2019 Packers and some of the greatest NFL cornerbacks of all time, the best Packers CBs include Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Mark Lee, Tyrone Williams, and Al Harris.

Who are the best cornerbacks in Green Bay Packers history? Here is every player who has ever held the position of Green Bay Packers starting cornerback.

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  • Charles Woodson

    Packers Seasons: 2006-2011

    A cornerstone of the Packers' secondary, Charles Woodson arrived in Green Bay via free agency and quickly established himself as a defensive force for the team. As one of the most versatile players to ever step foot on Lambeau Field, Woodson's exceptional skills allowed him to excel at cornerback, safety, and even as a return specialist. During his tenure with the Packers, he garnered multiple Pro Bowl selections, snagged the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, and played a crucial role in the team's Super Bowl XLV victory. With his uncanny ability to read opposing offenses and his natural flair for playmaking, Woodson's aggressive style and leadership will forever be etched into the annals of Packers history.

  • LeRoy Butler
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    LeRoy Butler

    Packers Seasons: 1991

    Known as the originator of the iconic Lambeau Leap, LeRoy Butler was drafted by the Packers out of Florida State University and swiftly made his presence felt on the field. As a visionary safety who excelled in both pass coverage and run support, Butler became an integral component of the Packers' vaunted defense throughout the 1990s. His numerous accolades include four Pro Bowl selections, membership in the NFL's All-Decade Team of the 1990s, and of course, a Super Bowl XXXI championship. Butler's exceptional field awareness, coupled with his physicality and powerful tackling, leave no doubt as to why he remains a fan favorite in Titletown.

  • Herb Adderley
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    Packers Seasons: 1961-1969

    Herb Adderley, a first-round draft pick from Michigan State, truly epitomized the term "shutdown corner" during his time in Green Bay. A key contributor to Head Coach Vince Lombardi's dynasty in the 1960s, Adderley's tenacious coverage skills significantly bolstered the Packers' formidable defense. Over the course of his illustrious career, he earned three NFL championships, two Super Bowl titles, and five Pro Bowl appearances. Adderley's unyielding determination to blanket opposing receivers and his propensity for making game-changing plays solidify his status as one of the greatest cornerbacks in Packers history.

  • Tramon Williams
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    Tramon Williams

    Packers Seasons: 2007-2014, 2018

    Tramon Williams, an undrafted free agent signing out of Louisiana Tech, developed into one of the league's premier cornerbacks during his time in Green Bay. Despite initially being a longshot to make the roster, Williams' blend of speed, instincts, and superior ball skills secured him a place within the Packers' secondary. Over his distinguished career in the green and gold, he notched four postseason interceptions, including a pivotal pick-six in the 2010 NFC Championship game en route to a Super Bowl XLV title. Williams' penchant for creating turnovers and propensity for stepping up in clutch moments make him a revered figure among the Packers' pantheon of defensive stars.

  • Al Harris
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    Packers Seasons: 2003-2009

    Sporting dreadlocks that would become synonymous with his hard-nosed playing style, Al Harris arrived in Green Bay via a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. Harris quickly developed into a lockdown cornerback with a fierce reputation for physical man-to-man coverage. Though he may not have the awards or accolades of some of his peers on this list, his tenacity and grit were the driving force behind numerous key plays during his time with the Packers, including a memorable pick-six in overtime against the Seattle Seahawks in a 2003 playoff game. Al Harris' relentless style of play and indomitable spirit endeared him to Packers fans and cemented his place among the franchise's elite defenders.

  • Sam Shields
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    Sam Shields

    Packers Seasons: 2010-2016

    An undrafted gem from the University of Miami, Sam Shields quickly made a name for himself on the Packers' roster with his blazing speed and natural coverage abilities. Despite his lack of experience at the position, Shields showcased rapid development en route to becoming a reliable starting cornerback for Green Bay. His impressive rookie campaign culminated in a crucial two-interception performance in the 2010 NFC Championship game, which helped propel the team to a Super Bowl XLV victory. Injuries may have cut his time in Green Bay short, but Shields' innate talent and dynamic playmaking prowess leave a lasting impression on Packers fans.