The Best Green Bay Packers Kickers Of All Time

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The best Green Bay Packers kickers ever have all had a part in some of the biggest moments in franchise history. NFL games can be won and lost by one or two points, making every made or missed kick of the greatest importance and every starting kicker a potential hero.

While recent stars like Mason Crosby and Ryan Longwell have made their mark in the Packers' past, early standouts like Chester Marcol and Chris Jacke helped craft their own legacies in the old days of the franchise.

So which of these kickers from Green Bay Packers history deserves to rank near the top of the list? Who are the best Packers kickers of all-time? Vote below, and check back to see what other football fans thought.

Most divisive: Max Zendejas
  • Mason Crosby
    240 votes

    Packers Seasons: 2007-present

    Arguably one of the most consistent and clutch kickers in Green Bay Packers history, Mason Crosby has solidified his place among the franchise's best. Initially drafted by the Packers in the sixth round, Crosby quickly became a fan favorite for his accurate leg and ability to deliver in high-pressure situations. Throughout his tenure with the team, he's racked up an impressive list of accolades, including being named NFC Special Teams Player of the Month on multiple occasions and hitting game-winning field goals in critical playoff matchups. Crosby's unflappable demeanor and unwavering focus have made him an essential piece of the Packers' special teams unit.

  • Ryan Longwell
    150 votes

    Packers Seasons: 1997-2005

    Known for his remarkable consistency and longevity, Ryan Longwell remains one of the most well-regarded kickers in Packers history. Initially signed by the team as an undrafted free agent, Longwell quickly carved out a niche for himself with his pinpoint accuracy and clutch performances in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His impressive resume includes numerous game-winning field goals and countless records, such as being the Packers' all-time leading scorer. A cerebral player with a penchant for rising to the occasion, Longwell's tenure with the Packers remains one of the brightest eras for the team's kicking game.

  • Chris Jacke
    115 votes

    Packers Seasons: 1989-1996

    Chris Jacke, a steady and reliable force on the Packers' special teams unit during the early 1990s, was instrumental in the team's success during that time. Drafted in the sixth round, Jacke quickly proved his worth with his powerful and accurate leg. A key contributor to the Packers' Super Bowl XXXI championship, Jacke also earned a Pro Bowl nod in 1997. His strong work ethic and dependable performances endeared him to teammates and fans alike, making him an integral part of Packers lore.

  • Jan Stenerud
    86 votes

    Packers Seasons: 1980-1983

    The first pure placekicker to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Jan Stenerud brought his elite skills to the Packers during the twilight of his illustrious career. Signed as a free agent, Stenerud made an immediate impact on the team with his accurate kicking and incredible range, earning him a spot on the NFC Pro Bowl roster in 1981. Known for his distinctive "soccer-style" kicking approach, Stenerud's time in Green Bay was marked by both individual accolades and team success, including playing a crucial role in the Packers' playoff run in 1982. His impact on the franchise and the league at large cannot be overstated, as he truly revolutionized the kicking game.

  • Chester Marcol

    Chester Marcol

    99 votes

    Packers Seasons: 1972-1980

    A fan favorite during the 1970s, Chester Marcol etched his name into Packers history with his unorthodox kicking style and clutch performances. Drafted in the second round, Marcol quickly asserted himself as a dominant force on special teams, earning two Pro Bowl selections and being named the NFL's Rookie of the Year in 1972. Although his tenure with the team was relatively brief compared to other kicking greats, Marcol's impact on the franchise remains indelible, highlighted by his unforgettable game-winning touchdown off of his own blocked field goal in overtime against the Chicago Bears.

  • Al Del Greco
    57 votes

    Packers Seasons: 1984-1987

    Al Del Greco, a hard-nosed and determined kicker, spent a brief yet memorable stint with the Green Bay Packers during the mid-1980s. Originally signed as a free agent, Del Greco displayed a powerful leg and unwavering confidence, quickly becoming a fan favorite. While he may not have collected an extensive list of accolades during his time in Green Bay, Del Greco's steadfast performances and determination to succeed left a lasting impression on the Packers faithful.