The Best Green Bay Packers Running Backs of All Time

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Big fan of Green Bay football? Then check out this list of Green Bay Packers running backs. It includes every starting running back from throughout Green Bay Packers history, including current running backs and past ones. Featuring some of the greatest NFL running backs of all time, the best Packers RBs include Aaron Jones, Eddie Lacy, Ahman Green, Ryan Grant, and Dorsey Levens.

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  • Jim Taylor
    413 votes

    Packers Seasons: 1958-1966

    Jim Taylor was an absolute powerhouse during his time with the Green Bay Packers, having been drafted by the team in 1958 and proceeding to forge an illustrious career. A cornerstone of the legendary Vince Lombardi era, Taylor displayed tremendous power and tenacity on his way to earning five Pro Bowl selections and a First-Team All-Pro nod in the early sixties. Above all, he played a pivotal role in helping the Packers secure an NFL Championship and a Super Bowl title, capping off an exceptional stint with the team as one of their greatest running backs in history.

  • Ahman Green
    649 votes

    Packers Seasons: 2000-2009

    Ahman Green's arrival in Green Bay came via a trade in 2000, and he promptly made an indelible mark on the storied Packers franchise, clocking up record-breaking performances throughout his tenure. With lightning speed and incredible agility, Green accumulated four Pro Bowl selections, two First-Team All-Pro honors, and was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Year in the mid-2000s. As the Packers' all-time leading rusher, Green's impressive exploits on the field, underscored by determination and remarkable consistency, continue to be celebrated by fans and teammates alike.

  • Aaron Jones
    499 votes

    Packers Seasons: 2017-2021

    Drafted by the team in 2017, Aaron Jones quickly emerged as a dynamic force in the Packers' backfield, dazzling fans with his speed and elusiveness. Though his career is still relatively young, Jones has already garnered two All-NFC honors and has twice led the NFL in rushing touchdowns, showcasing an innate ability to find the end zone. His uncanny knack for making big plays when it matters most has seen Jones firmly cement his place among the pantheon of great Packers running backs, with undoubtedly many more accolades on the horizon.

  • Paul Hornung
    156 votes

    Packers Seasons: 1957-1966

    Known as the "Golden Boy," Paul Hornung's phenomenal skillset and versatility saw him truly excel during his time with the Packers, having been drafted first overall in 1957. A consummate teammate, Hornung doubled as a placekicker and played a pivotal role in securing three NFL Championships and a Super Bowl championship for Green Bay. Not only did he earn two Pro Bowl selections and two First-Team All-Pro honors, but Hornung also became the first-ever recipient of the prestigious NFL MVP award in 1961, a testament to his extraordinary on-field prowess.

  • Dorsey Levens
    375 votes

    Dorsey Levens

    Packers Seasons: 1994-2001

    Selected by the Packers in the fifth round of the 1994 NFL Draft, Dorsey Levens soon established himself as a dynamic and versatile running back. His ability to transition seamlessly from a power-style rusher to a reliable receiving threat out of the backfield provided a crucial dimension to the Packers' attack throughout the nineties. In addition to earning a Pro Bowl selection and an All-NFC honor in 1997, Levens played an instrumental role in Green Bay's Super Bowl XXXI victory, which remains a standout moment in franchise history.

  • Packers Seasons: 1971-1977

    Drafted in the first round in 1971, John Brockington quickly asserted himself as a relentless bulldozer of a back during his time in Green Bay. Repeatedly bulldozing opponents with a ferocity that would become his trademark, Brockington earned three consecutive Pro Bowl selections in the early seventies and was named a First-Team All-Pro in 1971. The powerful runner's steadfast commitment to breaking through opposing defensive lines has left a lasting legacy, with Brockington firmly ranked among the best running backs to have ever donned a Packers uniform.