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The Best Green Book Movie Quotes

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These Green Book quotes provide some great insight as to how impactful and captivating the movie truly is. The phenomenal, racially-charged film follows a New York City tough guy who is hired to drive an African-American musician on a tour through the Deep South. Peter Farrelly directed the film using a screenplay he wrote along with Nick Vallelonga and Brian Hayes Currie. Offering a close look into segregation and the dangers it placed on African Americans, the film is full of incredible dialogue and great lines. For this list we're highlighting the best quotes from Green Book, with the help of your votes.

In Green Book, Tony Lip Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen) is a bouncer at a night club in New York City. His boss gets word of a job and thinks Tony is best suited. When Tony arrives, he meets Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), an African-American piano player who needs more of a body guard than a chauffeur. Tony accepts the job and has to leave his wife, Dolores Vallelonga (Linda Cardellini), and two children behind. On the way through the Deep South, Tony and Don learn more about each other than they ever thought possible.

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  • What Am I
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    What Am I

    Don Shirley: So if I'm not Black enough and if I'm not white enough, then tell me, Tony, what am I!?

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  • Maintain Your Dignity
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    Maintain Your Dignity

    Don Shirley: [Speaking to Tony, who is in jail] You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity.

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  • Change People's Hearts
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    Change People's Hearts

    [Oleg and Tony are speaking about Don]
    Tony Lip: How does he smile and shake their hands like that?
    Oleg: Because it takes courage to change people's hearts.

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  • Put This Down
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    Put This Down

    Don Shirley: What are you doing?
    Tony Lip: A letter. 
    Don Shirley: May I?
    [Tony lets Don read it]
    Don Shirley: “Dear Dolores, sometimes you remind me of a house.”
    Don Shirley: You know this is pathetic, right? Put this down. [points to the pen and paper] “The distance between us is breaking my spirit. Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I have ever done.”
    Tony Lip: [chiming in] “P.S. Kiss the kids?”
    Don Shirley: That's like clinging a cow bell at the end of Shostakovich's seven.
    Tony Lip: [proudly] That's good. 
    Don Shirley: It's perfect, Tony.

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