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The Best Green Skins In 'Fortnite'

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Only outfits with green as a primary color.

Gamers know that one of the coolest (and most addictive) elements of Fortnite is acquiring all the various character skins. While some are readily available to purchase with a few (thousand) V-Bucks, others need to be earned, making certain outfits much more popular than others. But while each has its own use and look, the best green skins in all 12 seasons of Fortnite definitely look pretty cool and are sure to add some style to your character. That’s why we’ve listed all the green skins in Fortnite (both past and present). It’s up to you to decide which ones are worth acquiring.

Some skins, like Moisty Merman and Prickly Patroller, are almost entirely green, while other skins like the Flytrap and all the various soldier skins feature a mix of two secondary colors like brown, yellow, or red.

Whether you're curious to see which colors are available or are simply looking for a few cool skins to rock, vote up all your favorite green skins in Fortnite so other gamers can see which options are the best.