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The Best Storylines That Feature Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern has long been a denizen of the Justice League and DC Comics, but he wasn't included in the Justice League film when it was released in 2017. This means a whole new generation of readers and viewers are basing their perception of the character on the poorly adapted film starring Ryan Reynolds from 2011. Fortunately, there are also thousands of amazing comic books featuring the Green Lantern, the Green Lantern Corps, and the Guardians of the Universe new and old fans can enjoy while the DCEU gets its act together and releases a good adaptation of the character.

Before that happens, you might want to tear through the Green Lantern library and read some of his best single issue comic books, graphic novels, issues, trade paperbacks, and story arcs. Don't know where to begin? This list has got you covered as it lays out the 20 best Green Lantern stories in comics that will help offer a clear understanding of why this character is one of the greatest to ever come out of DC Comics! Check the list below for your favorite of the Green Lantern's storylines and don't forget to vote up the ones you think are worthy to help determine the greatest Green Lantern adventures of them all!

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    Story Found In: Green Lantern #29-35

    Over the years, new writers and artists have come on board to reshape and retell the origin of numerous characters, and Green Lantern is no exception. If you've read his original origin story, you know that Hal Jordan found Abin Sur as he lay dying. He then received his Green Lantern Battery and Ring to become the Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

    That origin story has been fleshed out in greater detail thanks to "Secret Origin," which was told across a six-issue span of the Green Lantern series. In it, the reasons why Jordan was chosen are explored as are the details of Abin Sur's death. Also covered is the story of Sinestro, Jordan's mentor-turned-enemy who became obsessed with a prophecy of a universal apocalypse called "the Blackest Night."

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      Story Found In: The Flash #217-219 & 226, Green Lantern Vol. 2 #76-87 & 89

      While the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin may be the best-known team-up in DC Comics history, the one that falls behind it in popularity would have to be the pairing of the Green Lantern and Green Arrow. For years, the Emerald Archer and his pal, Hal Jordan teamed up to fight crime and do what was right for humanity.

      These guys were paired together for a long time, and while there are a number of fascinating and exciting stories featuring the two of them, the best way to read them is by picking up one of their many collections. The first volume of which tells how the Green Lantern and Green Arrow came together to travel the United States for the first time where they tackle subjects including drug abuse, racism, political corruption, and more!

      • Created By: Dennis O'Neil
      • Publisher: DC Comics
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      Story Found In: Green Lantern #101-106

      Time travel is a tricky business for the Green Lantern Corps since it is forbidden to travel back in time to see the origin of the universe, but that doesn't mean a GL can't take a jaunt down memory lane every now and again. For Kyle Rayner, this means he must take his predecessor, Hal Jordan on a trip through time to meet the JLA and, more importantly, his future self.

      In this tale, Jordan and Rayner must face off against the cosmic villain known as Parallax as the two Green Lanterns travel through time on a mission of self-discovery. This story unfolded in the pages of Green Lantern #101 through 106 thanks to the writing talents of Ron Marz and Chuck Dixon working with Daryl Banks on pencils.

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        Story Found In: Green Lantern #10-13

        Hal Jordan is back as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, and he's determined to be the hero he once was. When he discovers that the Green Lanterns long believed dead are actually alive, he launches a mission to save them and set them free.

        Not only does Jordan discover that the Lanterns are alive, it turns out, they are the ones he defeated when he was possessed as Parallax! He must travel with his remaining Lanterns to Biot to battle the likes of Cyborg-Superman and the Manhunters to save the Lost Lanterns and restore the Green Lantern Corps to its former glory.

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