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The Best Storylines That Feature Green Lantern

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The Green Lantern has long been a denizen of the Justice League and DC Comics, but he wasn't included in the Justice League film when it was released in 2017. This means a whole new generation of readers and viewers are basing their perception of the character on the poorly adapted film starring Ryan Reynolds from 2011. Fortunately, there are also thousands of amazing comic books featuring the Green Lantern, the Green Lantern Corps, and the Guardians of the Universe new and old fans can enjoy while the DCEU gets its act together and releases a good adaptation of the character.

Before that happens, you might want to tear through the Green Lantern library and read some of his best single issue comic books, graphic novels, issues, trade paperbacks, and story arcs. Don't know where to begin? This list has got you covered as it lays out the 20 best Green Lantern stories in comics that will help offer a clear understanding of why this character is one of the greatest to ever come out of DC Comics! Check the list below for your favorite of the Green Lantern's storylines and don't forget to vote up the ones you think are worthy to help determine the greatest Green Lantern adventures of them all!

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    Story Found In: Blackest Night #0-8

    As the war between the numerous Lantern Corps rages on across the cosmos, the mysterious prophecy of the Blackest Night comes to pass. The living must now face a legion of the undead—many of whom are the fallen villains and allies of the superheroes of the DC Universe!

    With the rise of the Black Lantern Corps, it's up to the living to literally fight for their lives. Hal Jordan takes the lead in the fight against death itself as the Blackest Night rages throughout the universe. Will he survive and lead the Green Lantern Corps to victory, or will death take over the living and bring about the end of all things? This amazing crossover event is one of the most harrowing to hit the Green Lantern Corps in its history, and it was brilliantly written and illustrated by the amazing team of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.

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      Story Found In: Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1, Green Lantern #21-25, and Green Lantern Corps #14-19

      For years, Sinestro has been Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps' greatest enemy, but once he gathered an army of like-minded warriors on his side, a war broke out between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps. The Sinestro Corps War spanned the entire cosmos, and thanks to the likes of Cyborg-Superman, Arkillo, Karu-Sil, and hundreds more, this was not a war that could easily be won.

      What's worse, Kyle Rayner becomes possessed by the entity known as Parallax, a being of pure fear who powers the emotional spectrum of yellow! With Rayner on his side, Sinestro and his Corps are certain to wreak havoc across the universe, but on the horizon, an even greater threat looms in the form of a prophecy foretold in the Book of Oa...

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        Story Found In: Green Lantern:Rebirth #1-6 and Green Lantern #1-4

        When Hal Jordan went mad and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, he appeared to be unredeemable, but comics rarely keep a hero down. It turned out, he was possessed by the cosmic entity known as Parallax, the representation of Fear. When he finally reappeared and sacrificed himself to rid his mind and body of Fear, he became the Spectre, the literal Wrath of God in the DC Universe.

        For years, Hal Jordan/Spectre roamed the Earth trying to redeem his reputation. This book details how he finds a way to rebuild his life and his reputation among the heroes of the DC Universe. The events of "Rebirth" set the stage for the ultimate battle that becomes "Blackest Night," the foretold doom of the universe as prophesized in the Book of Oa.

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          Story Found In: Green Lantern #48-55

          Green Lantern Emerald Twilight and New Dawn are, what has to be, the biggest shakeup to the Green Lantern Corps. In the story, Hal Jordan is torn apart as his hometown is destroyed. He recreates the entire town and its citizens using his ring, which angers the Guardians of the Universe who insist he stops what he is doing. Instead of complying, Hal Jordan goes mad with grief and assaults Oa and the Green Lantern Corps itself!

          Using all of his might, he conquers the Corps and destroys all but one Guardian who then travels to Earth to find a new Green Lantern in Kyle Rayner! This new Lantern must pick up the pieces of the Corps that Hal Jordan left behind and return the galaxy to order in the way only a Green Lantern can. This book changed everything, and it would have a lasting impact on the DC Universe for years to come.

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