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The Best Green Lantern Villains Ever

Updated 13 Apr 2020 7.1k votes 798 voters 15.4k views63 items

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List of the most notorious Green Lantern adversaries, ranked by the fans. Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart are some of the most popular Green Lanterns, and that doesn't even scratch the surface. And the same goes for Green Lantern villains... there are just so many of them. Bad guys like Nekron, Vandal Savage, and Atrocitus have been reeking havoc on the Green Lantern for years! 

Which are the greatest Green Lantern villains? Is Cyborg Superman your favorite Green Lantern foe, or is Sinestro your go-to baddie? Make sure to vote up all your favorite Green Lantern baddies, and vote down the ones you think aren't worth his valuable time. Don't see the villain you love to hate? Be sure to add them to the list!
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