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The Most Memorable 'Greyhound' Quotes

July 10, 2020 285 votes 49 voters17 items

Now is your opportunity to vote for the best Greyhound quotes. You won't find any funny lines in this movie. It's a very serious WWII drama. There are, however, a number of rousing one liners and thrilling bits of dialogue.

Tom Hanks stars as Captain Ernest Krause. For the first time, he's in charge of a destroyer ship. His mission is to guide a convoy of Allied ships across the Atlantic. During a section known as "the Black Pit," they have no air support, so when a wolf pack of German U-boats starts hunting them, it's up to Krause to find a way to outmaneuver them and keep as many of the ships (and men) as safe as possible. Helping him out is his expert navigator, Charlie Cole (Stephen Graham). Krause hopes to make it home safely so that he can marry his girlfriend Evelyn (Elisabeth Shue).

In addition to starring, Hanks wrote the screenplay for Greyhound. The film was directed by Aaron Schneider, who previously directed 2009's Get Low. The supporting cast includes Rob Morgan as the ship's cook, Cleveland, and Hanks's son Chet as one of the crew members.

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    Fletcher-Class Destroyer

    Captain Ernest Krause: After all those years of being fitted and retained, a Fletcher-class destroyer.

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    Tolerate No Fisticuffs

    Captain Ernest Krause: I will tolerate no more fisticuffs on my ship, so restore the relationships you have damaged and fill me with peace. 

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    Short Message

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    Captain Ernest Krause: Do I break radio silence with a message to the Admiralty? Or does that let the wolf pack know how vulnerable we are?

    Charlie Cole: What would the message be?

    Captain Ernest Krause: "Help needed urgently."

    Charlie Cole: No. "Help needed." That means 'urgently.'

    Captain Ernest Krause: "Needed" isn't needed. Just 'help.' That's all the Admiralty needs to hear for a modified rendezvous point.

    Charlie Cole: Germans might miss a message short as that.

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    Completely Mutilated

    Captain Ernest Krause: Bill. How bad was he hit?

    Bill: Sir?

    Captain Ernest Krause: George Cleveland.

    Bill: Completely mutilated, sir. All of them. 

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