The Best Grimlock Toys, Ranked
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The Best Grimlock Toys, Ranked

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While other Transformers waste time turning into fancy cars or pickup trucks, Grimlock heads straight for the good stuff and transforms directly into a towering robot dinosaur. Grimlock hasn't been quite as present in the recent films and TV series as some of his Autobot compatriots (it can be difficult to write a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex into every story), but several different versions of Grimlock toys have been popular since the 1980s. 

And while many versions of Grimlock understandably focus on his transformation into the terrifying T-Rex, some of the coolest Grimlock toys (including both official and third party designs) have been alternates like raptors or even a Ford Mustang. The leader of the Dinobots is full of surprises is what we're trying to say.

But what is the greatest Grimlock version? Well, we've made a list of some of the best Grimlock toys ever made, but it's up to you all to vote and determine which one is the best. Don't see your favorite Grimlock? Add him to the list!

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  • GigaPower Gigasaurs
    Photo: GigaPower

    Release date: 2019

    Alt mode: Robotic Tyrannosaurus 

    Line: GigaPower (third party)

    85 votes
  • Fanstoys Grinder
    Photo: Fanstoys

    Release date: 2016

    Alt mode: Robotic Tyrannosaurus 

    Line: Fanstoys (third party)

    108 votes
  • Masterpiece Grimlock
    Photo: Takara

    Release date: 2009

    Alt mode: Tyrannosaurus 

    Line: Masterpiece

    104 votes
  • G1 Dinobot Grimlock
    Photo: Hasbro

    Release date: 1985

    Alt mode:Tyrannosaurus 

    Line: Generation One

    90 votes
  • Power of the Primes Grimlock
    Photo: Hasbro

    Release date: 2017

    Alt mode: Robotic Tyrannosaurus 

    Line: Power of the Primes

    82 votes
  • Toyworld Grimshell
    Photo: Toyworld

    Release date: 2015

    Alt mode: Robotic Tyrannosaurus 

    Line: Toyworld (third party)

    56 votes