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The Best Guard Dogs for Families

Updated 26 May 2020 16.8k votes 3.0k voters 41.6k views65 items

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Here are the best guard dogs for families with kids, as ranked by dog lovers and breed experts alike. Protecting your family is the most important thing in the world. So, when you’re trying to decide which dog breed to introduce into your brood, you may consider a dog that will ensure the safety of your home and the precious people that reside in it. Many dog breeds are considered watchdogs because of their abilities to sense danger and protect their family, and guard dogs are often known for barking at potential threats like home intruders. In extreme cases, they’ve also been known to attack by biting those who are harming those they’re familiar with. These guard dogs are sweet and loving to those they know, but are very sensitive to impending peril.

So what are the best guard dogs for families? This list has the canine breeds that are most likely to protect their families through warning them of danger and warding off possible threats. These dogs are also perfect for families with children because they can be extremely loving to their family members.

This list of the best family protection dogs includes large breeds that would be intimidating to any possible intruder, as well as small dogs which are perfect for warning when danger is near. Whatever your reason for wanting a dog, these pups will be sure to give you the love and security your family needs.

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