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20+ Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplays That Are Out Of This World

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Though the Guardians start out as extraterrestrial outsiders, the coolest Guardians of the Galaxy cosplayers will have every ET scrambling to join their crew. Guardians of the Galaxy cosplayers arrive ready not only to defend the galaxy but to also draw some eyes along the way. While other members of the Marvel Universe look sexy or badass, Star-Lord cosplay and Gamora cosplay strive to emphasize their character's unique traits and quirks.

This results in some fantastic interpretations of heroes like Groot and Rocket Raccoon that feel just as captivating as the comics and films themselves. Since the movies did an exemplary job crafting these Marvel costumes, cosplayers have a wealth of looks and heroes to impersonate. Included below is some of the best Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay the Internet has to offer, guaranteed to keep the legend of the Guardians alive well after the film credits roll.