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After Gugudan’s debut in 2016, the nine member girl group from Jellyfish Entertainment (vote for your favorite Gugudan members) has quickly become one of the most popular Kpop groups with their music. Including tracks from the new Gugudan album as well as Gugudan older albums, our list also features Gugudan music videos. What is the best Gugudan song? 

Whether you're looking for Gugudan ballads or Gugudan hits, this list of the best Gugudan songs includes "A Girl Like Me," "Wonderland," and "Rainbow." Gugudan comebacks and debut songs are also included.

Kpop fans, vote up the best Gugudan songs and vote down the worst Gugudan songs. Feel free to add any underrated Gugudan songs missing from this list. 

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A Girl Like Me

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