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The Best Characters In Guillermo Del Toro Movies

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Join us as we rank Guillermo del Toro’s all-time best movie characters. Beginning his directorial career with the 1993 film Cronos, del Toro is known for directing box office hits like Hellboy and Pacific Rim. He also directed the Best Picture Oscar winner The Shape of Water in 2017. Other notable films include Pan's Labyrinth, Blade II, and Crimson Peak. With so many amazing movies, it's no surprise that there are so many great characters in Guillermo del Toro movies.

In every instance, the director has worked within the realm of fantasy and/or horror. He likes to see what happens when people are plunged into scary, otherworldly experiences. The best Guillermo del Toro characters are distinctly relatable, even if the situations in which they find themselves could only be the product of their own imagination. It's this mixture of fantasy and humanity that repeatedly earns his work the admiration of both critics and audiences.

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